Describe employment application, resume, job interview.

  1. A choice of occupation – a difficult decision
  • it changes during the life time (in childhood girls usually want to be singers, actresses, teachers etc, boys want to be austronauts, firemen, soldiers etc.)
  • a final decision has to be made during the secondary school
  • motivation for the selection- influence of parents, relatives,


After finishing the studies – students look for a job

  1. going through the internet job websites, reading newspaper’s job advertisements, going to the local job centres or employment office; they choose the position which they are interested in and have a right qualification for it.
  2. contact the potential future employer – fax, post, telephone, e-mail – sending employment application and curriculum vitea (CV)

Employment application consits of

  1. paragragh
    • the reason for writing – applying for the position of……,
    • where I have seen the advertisement
  2. paragragh
    • why I am the suitable applicant – my qualifiation, work experience
  3. paragragh
    • I am willing to learn new skills in order to be good at work

    CV consists of: personal details / educational background/ working experience / further training / hobbies

Job interview

  • first impression is very important – be dressed appropriately (smart, elegant clothes, not casual, not too atractive)
  • be honest, don’t overestimate or underestimate yourself
  • try to answer the question clearly, not too many details, talk briefly and clearly
  • don’t talk about money unless you are asked
  • don’t mention a lot of conditions under which you are willing to work (some of them you may)

Can you name any jobs that can be dangerous?

  • a doctor – he may get ill, may be infected, may be accused of the wrong decision
  • a rescue worker – he has to make a quick and righ decision, he may be hurt
  • a fireman – he might be injured, seriously hurt, even fattaly injured physically and mentally demanding job
  • a soldier, a sailor – he might be injured, seriously hurt, even fattaly injured physically and mentally demanding job
  • a pilot – has to be punctual, he can’t make a mistake, right decisions are important
  • a flight attendant
  • a stunt man, a circus performer – a danger of injuries
  • a miner
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